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XGL's Aviation Logistics Emergency Response Team (ALERT) provides clients a unique air transportation-based emergency/disaster response offering which expedites personnel removal from at-risk facilities while accelerating operational recovery following a major natural or man-made business interruption. Clearly, through the massive 2005 hurricane cycle companies have grown to appreciate the power and value of orchestrated pre and post-incident programs. Moreover, with most forecasters projecting on-going intense hurricane cycles during coming years, companies recognize the need to lock-up resources for future storms and other anomalies.

XGL integrates numerous services into ALERT, including:

  • Dedicated rotary-wing (helicopter) assets
  • Dedicated fixed-wing (private jet) assets
  • Forward operating teams
  • Real-time field based communications
  • Facility level evacuation and stabilization plans
  • Drills

For a given disaster or business interruption, XGL mobilizes its aviation and personnel resources within hours.  Resources are moved directly to client facilities in the impacted area or to nearby staging locations.  From there, XGL operates missions including:

  • Evacuation of personnel from company facilities
  • Movement of supplies and stabilization personnel to the impact area
  • Reconnaissance missions to survey and assess damage
  • On-site personnel to establish communication and coordinate flight missions

XGL has performed air logistics-based disaster and emergency response services for leading companies across sectors including:

  • Healthcare
  • Packaged power
  • Energy generation
  • Port infrastructure
  • Facilities management

Through XGL ALERT, clients realize:

  • Real-time availability without the cost to sustain solely owned resources
  • Flexibility to address assorted requirements
  • Access to a broad fleet
  • Safety consciousness
  • The resourcefulness of a seasoned Part-135 operator