"Sometimes, getting equipment and supplies to needful hands just canít wait. When this is the case, XGL is there. Evolving from a small, single product ad-hoc air charter company, our On Demand, Air Bridge and ALERT products are geared to handle virtually any job, anywhere, to any location. We specialize in air charters, expeditionary air freight across the globe and business continuity operations within the continental United States."


Providing Logistical Services Beyond the Norm
An ad-hoc Just-In-Time cargo shipment, a six month expedited construction project, regular air service to developing nations or solidifying your business continuity plan, with our line of products we have done it. Our experience and industry knowledge have pushed us to evolve into a specialized service provider. Let us help your evolution.

In our early days of operation, single isolated flights led to more extensive ones. Single day operations led to 6 month projects. One time solutions became full time standards, evolving to create new and innovative aviation solutions that meet virtually any criteria. We have truly grown beyond the norm.

And today, our On Demand, Air Bridge and ALERT products are still evolving, lending strength to our abilities in handling the next logistical situation, regardless of its complexities. Explore the results of our evolution by selecting a product to the left.